Company News:

New Company Website
We just launched our new company website

Our new website was launched as of April 2012. We hope it is successful in educating others as to the variety of construction services we are capable of providing and serves as an information source.

New Equipment
We have acquired some new equipment for our 2012 projects

We are pleased to announce we just purchased a new milling machine for our road resurfacing projects.

Additional Experienced Craftsmen Added to Our Staff for 2012
Construction Experts to expand our construction services

In addition to adding modern equipment to our company we have acquired additional experienced construction experts to further advance our skill level in the construction industry.

Start preparing for your 2012 Spring and Summer Projects
Contact us to schedule your projects

It is important to plan and prepare for your projects well in advance to facilitate your success and to meet your deadlines. Contact us so we can assist you with your project and its preparation.